SCI 2015

In 2015 the Supramolecular Chemistry Ireland (SCI) Half Day Symposium was held at Renehan Hall, Maynooth University on 8th July 2015  

SCI was arranged to coincide with the  the Catalysis and Sensing for the Environment (CASE) symposium 2015 which took place in Dublin between TCD and TCSI.

See below for the seminar programme.

Welcome address by Prof. Bernard Mahon, VP for Research, Maynooth University

2.00 pm Dr. Trinidad Velasco-Torrijos (Maynooth University)

‘Glycolipid Mimetics: Versatile Scaffolds for Supramolecular Materials’

2.20 pm Dr. Jonathan Kitchen (University of Southampton)

‘Naphthalimide Based Supramolecular Materials: Films, Gels and Polymers’

2.40 pm Dr. Fred Pfeffer (Deakin University)

‘Fused Norbornanes in Supramolecular Chemistry’

3.00 pm Flash Presentations

3.30 pm Dr. John Fossey (University of Birmingham)

Catalysis and Sensing: Saccharide Separation and Sensing’

3.50 pm Prof. Leyong Wang (Nanjing University)

‘Interlocked Molecules Constructed by Orthogonal Self-Assembly’

4.10 pm Coffee Break

4.30 pm Prof. John Callan (University of Ulster)

‘Intracellular Guest Exchange Between Dynamic Supramolecular Hosts’

4.50 pm Prof. Tia Keyes (Dublin City University)

‘Supramolecular Metal Complex Bioconjugates for Biophotonics Applications’

5.10 pm Prof. Yun-Bao Jiang (Xiamen University)

‘N-Amidothioureas as Anion Receptors’

5.30 pm Prof. Jon Steed (Durham University)

‘Sliding Down the Supersaturation Gradient: Crystals, Gels, Drugs and Blue Ketchup’

6.00 pm Closing remarks followed by Poster Session and Wine Reception

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